Sunday, January 18, 2009

Red Dragon Sword.

Long time no update, been busy because examination next week.

I've done this because the time was too boring to make case studies.
Done in 1 hr and 30 min, this is my first time to paint with details in photoshop and pen. hehe...

Click to enlarge.

It was a conceptual sword, made with ancient red dragon scales and bones. I used alibata to engraved my name on the side of the sword, Alibinu, still ancient filipino language have lack of other words that's why Alibinu instead of Alvin.

All comments are welcome.


Christian Cabuay said...

Looks great. May I feature it on my site I also run and am currently looking to work with artists to create "Filipino" inspired designs for tattoos. Contact me if interested, info at Salamat

The Siraniks said...

Sure... why not. hehe :D

Knightmare said...