Friday, January 2, 2009

Repainting digiPintura.

After many months passed focusing on my main blog, Siranikos' Box and other things too and I wasn't able to update digiPintura. But now I'm now repainting digipintura for more Blender artworks, animation and experiments. Separating my artworks from Siraniko's Box to here.

For my new post here I made a rocketship for my first ever animation video in Blender. It's has many mistake but still I showed to you.

After many months learning Blender, I was able to make animation video.

I used simple models, use particles, and toon shading for speed render.
It has 2,600 frames for a time of 1:44.

It has no storyline but yet has I had made a simple objective that I have to show this new year.

Happy New Year Everyone.

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